We will be playing the main stage on Saturday 2nd May at Troyfest at Baskerville Hall near Hay on Wye at some point in the evening. There is a whole host of other great bands and fun to be enjoyed at this atmospheric site.  Please click the gigs button above for more details.

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We return to one of our favourite stomping grounds on Saturday April 18th with a home fixture at The Attic Bar on Stokes Croft in Bristol.
As usual we’ll be taking to the stage around half ten to whirl our dervishes and admission is FREE if you get in before 9pm, thereafter it’s the princely sum of £3 to come and join in the sweating, flailing and gyrating.
We’ll be airing another new tune from the forthcoming Charm Account LP and ripping through the Zenologue with select danceflaw favourites from all our previous albums, singles and jingles… we hope to see all you dandy Bristol dancers and chancers troubling your feet there…
Support comes from Jalandhar and DJ Hiphoppapotamus.


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This coming Saturday night (11th April) we will be performing at The Swan Inn in Wedmore asThe Zen Hussies Battlebus continues its rumblings along the highways and byways of Somerset in our noble endeavour to provide an antedote to the demoralising grip of Election Fever that has seen vast swathes of the population breaking out in cold sweats of mind-numbing soporific nausea.
As the trundling Transit of truth weaves its way through the verdant leafy lanes of England’s Green and Plastic Landfill sites, we must be ever vigilant against rabid Desperados leaping Viper Like from tall hedges through our unwound windows to thwart us in our mission of distracting the masses from the all encompassing ‘Democramania‘ that is currently sweeping the country.

Only last week on our return from Glastonbury we had to beat back candidates from all seven major parties with rolled up back issues of Jazz Journal and Socialism Today as these ruthless henchmen increasingly desperately attempted to woo our support and suffrage for their variously flawed ideologies. One particularly obsequious fellow wearing a purple rosette made a significant cash offer in return for a campaign jingle which we declined as none of us had a Ukulele to hand.
Click the gigs button above to find out exactly when we’ll be swanning in, and how you can be part of the mob…
This post was brought to you in association with the Campaign for Infuriatingly Overlong Sentences.

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The bank holiday weekend is upon us and once again millions of devoted dypsomaniacs will be crucifying their livers in an unbridled four days of Quafftide.
We here at Zen Hussies HQ will be doing our bit to encourage ‘the passion’ with a Good Friday gig at Leftbank on Stokes Croft in Bristol and a Saturday night special at the Bocabar in Glastonbury. We will be emerging Lazarus like from the chalice well grotto around Sunday lunchtime for an interview with the Somerset Herald. We hope to see you at one or more of the above for the festivities and by the way it’s also our trumpeter Mathesulah Hurst‘s 18th birthday so the generous amongst you might want to buy him his first legal drink! Click the gigs button above for more information.

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The Zen Hussies are very excited, indeed bursting at the seams with pride, to announce that they have been selected to represent France in 2016 at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Their nimble fingered Gallic guitarist Sebski Velo secured this honour with his self penned ballad ‘je suis la clare et l’ombre‘ beating off competition from a plethora of also rans with his telecaster and a cheque for €3000 made payable to Mr T.Wogan esq.
Lead singer Jonah Delaquaff Flatfoot has already started preparing for the big day by dropping his ‘H’s and doing twenty minutes a night of revision via his Tricolore GCSE French textbook. He is also rumoured to be learning the nuances of autotune.

Count Sebski is believed to have composed the song in the new Metrical European Standard Scale (MESS) - which has a ten note series of intervals as opposed to the ‘imperialist’ twelve note chromatic scale familiar to music lovers for the last thousand years.
‘The MESS method of making music is going to completely rewrite the rulebook and elevate artists and composers everywhere from the same old tedious twelve keys we are all so bored of…’ said Sebski whilst watching the Six Nations communal bath via his webcam, ‘we have had to sharpen some notes and flatten others to metricficate the scale, and completely redesign our instruments, but in the end, less is more and at last music is being brought into line with the rest of the modern world and stuff like money, distances, weights and measures’ said the prominent guitarist whilst eating a baguette.

Les Zen Hussies will be debuting their melodic message of hope for all humanity this weekend at shows in Bristol and Glastonbury – click the ‘gigs’ button above to find out how you, dear listener, can be part of their revolution!
Love, light and dix points to you all and in the meantime here’s a picture of the band busking at the World Cup Finals in Brazil last year…
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We’re back doing what we love most for you all with a weekend of gigs in the mild west to welcome in the spring at Leftbank on Stokes Croft in Bristol on Friday 3rd April and Bocabar in Glastonbury on Saturday April 4th. Check the gig diary for full details.

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Thanks to everyone who generously supported our successful Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund the pressing of our latest album on 12 ” vinyl! The Zenden is now a buzzing hive of activity as we continue with the sessions to bring you this slice of sonic excitement to your record players and computer thingies… we are also now embarking on a busy schedule of live gigs at festivals, clubs and pubs over the spring and summer months so check out our gig diary to see when and where we will be ‘troubling feet’ near you soon.
We anticipate the Charm Account LP launch party will be taking place in Bristol and hopefully elsewhere in August, details of which will be announced in due course. In the meantime, here’s to you all and we hope to see you in a field or barn sometime in the near future.

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