This coming Saturday night (11th April) we will be performing at The Swan Inn in Wedmore asThe Zen Hussies Battlebus continues its rumblings along the highways and byways of Somerset in our noble endeavour to provide an antedote to the demoralising grip of Election Fever that has seen vast swathes of the population breaking out in cold sweats of mind-numbing soporific nausea.
As the trundling Transit of truth weaves its way through the verdant leafy lanes of England’s Green and Plastic Landfill sites, we must be ever vigilant against rabid Desperados leaping Viper Like from tall hedges through our unwound windows to thwart us in our mission of distracting the masses from the all encompassing ‘Democramania‘ that is currently sweeping the country.

Only last week on our return from Glastonbury we had to beat back candidates from all seven major parties with rolled up back issues of Jazz Journal and Socialism Today as these ruthless henchmen increasingly desperately attempted to woo our support and suffrage for their variously flawed ideologies. One particularly obsequious fellow wearing a purple rosette made a significant cash offer in return for a campaign jingle which we declined as none of us had a Ukulele to hand.
Click the gigs button above to find out exactly when we’ll be swanning in, and how you can be part of the mob…
This post was brought to you in association with the Campaign for Infuriatingly Overlong Sentences.

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