The latest news from Zen HQ is that the latest album is pretty much done and dusted,with eleven scorching new songs recorded and being put through the final production process as we speak. This dark art has involved copious amounts of late night huddling around a microphone with our fingers in our ears, several cafetieres of military grade Arabica, five bottles of Courvoisier and an auto-tune pedal kindly lent to us by One Direction!
Erstwhile graphic defiler Jonah (Julio Delaquaff Landscape, Good Ole Julesy, His Nibs etc etc) has now embarked on the process of getting covered in PVA, Poster Paint and double sided sticky tape to create the inner sleeve photomontage to embellish the wonderfully lurid front cover art of John Abell. We are inviting all of our followers who generously pledged to our Kickstarter campaign to send us a picture of themselves or something else they deem relevant to or inspired by our music for inclusion in this visual finger buffet of unearthly delights… if you want to be immortalised in this way please email us your selfies,doodles, oil paintings or finger paintings to zenhussies@musiquedada.com and we will endeavour to ensure that you are included in the end result!
Pip pip for now music lovers, next up we’ll be taking the stage at Broom Hill festival in a couple of weeks. Check the gig diary for full details x

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